Earth Day 2019!

This past January, Loop packaging announced an initiative with large packaged goods firms including Unilever, P&G and Nestle to launch the world’s first circular shopping platform. Consumers will be able to have home delivery of iconic brands such as Tide, Haagen Daz and Crest in reusable containers. Replenishment will be automatic once you put your empty containers in the supplied Loop Tote Bag and schedule a pick up. Fresh product will be delivered in a clean reused container.

Using our Crowd Intelligence platform, we showed consumers the concept and asked what the probability was that people would sign up for the service when it became available in their area. The bottom line is that Canadians are seen as twice as likely to sign up for the new service. This result mirrors the well documented differences in levels of concern about climate change, sustainability and packaging waste in the two countries.




Consumers have significant reservations about the cost of products available through the system and its overall convenience. In both countries, there was only a 50% probability that consumers would pay more for products in reusable containers through the service. Many felt that although it was a good idea in principle, the service would take a while to catch on.

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