A pharmaceutical company optimizes the digital continuing medical education experience for healthcare professionals

Our mission is life

A client was looking to understand the touch points and pain points surrounding CMEs from a Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) perspective. 

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with HCPs to understand their experience engaging in continuing medical education (CME) and assessed for the pain points, unconscious needs, and cognitive biases embedded in their experience.

By applying a BSci lens to our qualitative research, we uncovered the subconscious cognitive biases that were shaping how HCPs perceive CME events/materials and how they made choices regarding which events/materials to engage with.

The result was a set of opportunity areas and design principles for optimizing the digital CME experience. These design principles nudged HCPs towards CME initiatives designed by our client because they accounted for the cognitive biases that shape HCPs’ decision-making.


About methodology used:

Behavioural Science