Creating resilient spaces for future success

Recent events are shedding light on our relationships with space – practically, physically, and politically. Space is certainly one of the biggest business expenses, and one that is now being reevaluated: not simply in terms of ‘the bottom line’, but how businesses can use space to drive resilience, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

An office is not just a room with desks. The shop on the corner? More than just shelves. For some they are places for production and connection; for others, they are unhealthy or unwelcoming. Context matters.

With so much in flux these days, the current conditions are uniquely suited for businesses to make positive changes to create spaces that are more resilient and inclusive.

Businesses have always been dynamic; adaptability is foundational for long-term success. At first glance, successful businesses seem to be in the right place at the right time. But their success is not merely the result of pure luck. These businesses are proactive. They are not waiting to see what the future will be — they are creating it. For example, organizations exploring digital solutions before COVID-19 were set up for future success, without predicting a global pandemic specifically.

What can you do to create spaces that are more resilient?

Explore where positive change can grow your business and how to do it in the right way, which will resonate on a deeper, more meaningful, and most satisfying level.

But remember, as the pace of social and technological change has sped up, merely reacting can be costly.

Making decisions purely based on intuition or experience is also ill-advised — we all have unconscious biases that affect our decisions, from the trivial to the tactical, and may obscure our ability to see the ‘big picture’.

Do your research, discover what you are missing, and challenge your assumptions. And then, strategize. Research findings might make you feel uncomfortable, but like exercise, it is essential for business health.

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