Confused by conjoint? Trade-off? Max Diff? TURF? Why we like discrete choice modeling

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With so many new products and services failing in-market, it is increasingly important for client teams to use the best methods for predicting success.

Discrete choice modeling enables testing innovation ideas in a context that best replicates how consumers make choices in real life. This helps to ensure clients make decisions that result in the highest possible rate of successful new product/service introductions.

Discrete choice modeling is the most accurate method available to optimize product lines, pricing strategies, competitive response scenarios, claims/messaging and media planning.

However, people refer to conjoint and discrete choice with a broad brush, as if they are a single entity.  The reality is that not all discrete choice is equal. The capabilities and accuracy of different types of models can differ drastically.

Come join rsg, North America’s leading discrete choice provider, to understand this methodology in more detail:

  • when to use discrete choice
  • the capabilities of this technique
  • the differences between the models used
  • how to know you are getting what you need

This special event will be held on Wednesday November 15, 2017. Please contact us for more details.