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Semiotics Webinar

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: highlights from our Semiotics webinar In the most recent installment of our webinar series, Dr. Shirsha Ganguly demonstrated how to use semiotics to understand consumers’ emotional and cognitive reactions to visual communication. Understanding semiotics can provide a deeper insight into the effectiveness of your brand, packaging, advertising, and other messaged […]

where is Canada falling short on tourism?

Something funny happened today at rsg. We were examining the results of the newest Global Tourism Monitor report, the largest assessment of tourist experiences ever conducted and comprising more than 23,000 interviews across 26 different countries, when news of a similar report ranking the world’s most attractive cities broke. Eager to see how Toronto is […]

what exactly is a market research online community (MROC)?

If you haven’t heard of them yet, market research online communities (MROCs) are making an impact in research. MROCs take traditional qualitative research and elevate it to new heights with the use of technology and can sometimes seem more like quantitative research. After some research and attending many webinars, I have learned the term is […]