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WEBINAR: Value of strategic partnerships in healthcare | Comprehensive insights integration

You are invited to a webinar on Thursday, February 10th starting at 12:30 p.m. EST / 11:30 a.m. CST where RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP will explore market research challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Led by our Healthcare Team, this interactive panel discussion will focus on business scenarios and decision-making across all therapeutic areas and product life cycle stages. During the session, […]

Concept assessment and pricing study in support of a new iron supplement

Challenge: Determine HCP and patient/consumer interest in a new iron supplement; identify the ideal target patient profile for the new supplement; resonant messaging for HCPs and patients/consumers; and pricing-points for consideration. Impact: RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP identified HCP and patient/consumer interest in the client’s proposed new product via a concept assessment.  We identified the need for […]

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Price optimization study in support of a first to market medication

Challenge: In preparation for launch of its new and first of its kind in Canada, Rx therapy, our client needed to establish launch price under a private-coverage only scenario. Impact: RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP identified physician and patient interest in the client’s Rx product in absolute terms and relative to currently available Rx products.  We measured […]

What women are looking for in cancer screening

Challenge: A life sciences company was commercializing a unique, less invasive test for the detection of cancer. Their aim was to understand perspectives of a cross section of Canadian women to gauge interest in and willingness to pay out of pocked for the test and to inform marketing and communication strategy for launch. Impact: RESEARCH […]

Understanding patient experience for successful launch of new curative therapy

Challenge: A global pharmaceutical company was launching a new curative therapy for a fatal disease. Their aim was to understand the patient experience to aid in developing a push pull strategy to motivate physicians to educate patients and be poised to prescribe out of the gate. Impact: RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP uncovered patient cultural codes and […]

Neurodivergent Condition: Transitioning from childhood to adulthood

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company wanted to understand what specifically influences pharmacotherapy decisions and pathways when transitioning patients with a neurodivergent diagnosis, from childhood to adulthood. Their aim was to understand disease management and lived experiences from individuals diagnosed with this specific neurodivergent diagnosis as children and their pain points specifically around their early adulthood transition […]
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A pharmaceutical company optimizes the digital continuing medical education experience for healthcare professionals

A client was looking to understand the touch points and pain points surrounding CMEs from a Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) perspective.  We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with HCPs to understand their experience engaging in continuing medical education (CME) and assessed for the pain points, unconscious needs, and cognitive biases embedded in their experience. By […]

A pharmaceutical company explores the patient journey while preparing to launch a new molecule

Exploring the patient journey: understanding interactions, attitudes, and perceptions help us identify key decision point, barrier, and actions A pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a new molecule into a well-established and crowded market. In preparation for launch, they needed to gain an understanding of the experiences of patients living with this condition including touch […]