Archives of Our Team

DR. SARAH D’AMOUR | research associate

Sarah holds a M.A. and PhD in experimental and cognitive psychology from York University. She investigated multisensory and body size perception to gain insight into how these perceptual processes can influence body representation in the mind. Sarah has also collaborated with scientists and researchers at various universities and hospitals to conduct behavioural research on human […]

JEFFREY YIP | research associate

Jeffrey is a results-driven Consumer Insights and Market Researcher. Over the years, he has focused on customer satisfaction research across industries, including retail, catering, and telecommunication, delivering actionable actions through various research methods. Jeffrey is also skilled in conducting data analysis to identify business strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Science […]

ERICK ODUOR, PhD | vice president, UX

Erick is a user experience researcher who focuses on contextually understanding user needs in the areas of  concept ideation, product design, prototype validation, and overall implementation of improved digital experience for product users. Erick holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from Simon Fraser University (Canada), and  MSc in Intelligent systems design from Chalmers university  […]

JASMIN AMIN | Senior Research Manager

Jasmin has over 10 years of research experience and has worked with clients in North America, Europe and Asia. She provides clients with actionable insights that address business challenges and drive strategic initiatives. Jasmin’s passionate about identifying the unconscious motivations of consumers and educating clients about these concepts. She utilizes her knowledge in Neuropsychology, Behavioural […]

PANCHAM SHINDE | associate vice president

Pancham is a quantitative market research specialist with around 15 years of experience. Over the years, he has worked across multiple categories & geographies and has also worked alongside clients in on-site positions. Understanding client problems and recommending solutions have been one of the key aspects of his role. Pancham has a proven track record […]

DR. KAIAN UNWALLA | research associate

Kaian holds a M.Sc. and PhD in the behavioural sciences from McMaster University. She investigated how we represent our bodies, and how our bodies interact with our surroundings. During her thesis she employed different mathematical models to better understand our body representation, and shared her research findings through multiple conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications. Additionally, […]

ANDREW FARIA | associate vice president

Andrew has experience researching and marketing Gambling, Sports & Entertainment, Hospitality and Events working on a variety of studies including ad testing, UX design and testing, and segmentations to name a few. A seasoned marketer with 18 years of client-side experience at Woodbine Entertainment, Andrew is making the transition into Research & Insight, something which […]

DR. ESTHER COPELAND | senior research manager

Esther has extensive experience conducting original and rigorous qualitative research in media, culture, and leisure. She is especially interested in the digitalization happening in these fields and has used diverse and innovative methods including observation/ethnography, social media research, participatory research, community mapping, qualitative surveys, semiotics, and thematic analysis. She brings international insight and context into […]

DR. NERMIN AGA | senior research manager

Nermin is a professional with over 10 years of international experience in a variety of organizations – from telecommunications, research and policy institutes, higher education to consulting and insights. She holds a PhD in Sociology and Methodology from University of Milan and an MA in Gender Studies from Central European University. Nermin is versed in […]

Congratulations Anne Coulter

Women in Leadership Highlight We couldn’t be more proud of one of this year’s nominees for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s very own Anne Coulter, Managing Director.  This prestigious award celebrates the achievements of the most impactful women who have demonstrated excellence from economic growth to social change, across multiple sectors. Anne […]