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To launch or not to launch? Evaluating a new betting app

Challenge Racetracks across North America face challenges with the aging out of their existing customer base while finding it difficult to attract, engage and retain new and younger audiences in an increasingly competitive entertainment landscape. That’s why our client, a premier racetrack in North America, designed an innovative new way of playing the ponies. With […]

Design research for a new provincial lottery app

Challenge A major Canadian lottery operator required research to assist in the development of an app. An early release of the app was prepared for live testing among a select group of players. Registration and usage pathways needed thorough testing and in-app communication needed to be optimized. Pain points identified by users would be prioritized […]

U.S. Lottery market study to update understanding of market structure

Challenge An East Coast lottery jurisdiction identified the need to update its understanding of the basic market structure of its business area. Priorities were to understand overall awareness and ratings of the lottery as well as to profile player groups in terms of their demographics, behaviours, and attitudes. The results of the research were needed […]

Has the virus tipped the balance in favour of sports betting?

Sports betting legislation in Canada, US, Australia, and UK Markets have been advancing at varying speeds in the legalization of single-game betting. UK and Australia have been at the forefront of these developments since the early 2000s, while North Americans have been catching up more recently.  Betting on multiple sporting events (known as a parlay) […]
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Restructuring and developing a longstanding loyalty program

A national lottery organization initiated work to understand how to restructure and develop a longstanding loyalty program. The objectives were to streamline the program offering, maximize members’ interest and usage, and attract new members. Members and non-members of the loyalty program exhibited very different behavior and an integral gaming segment analysis teased out the low […]

A provincial jurisdiction gains a deeper understanding of customer experience

A government body who supervises gambling in a Canadian province wanted an understanding of the casino customer experience to best advise on future investments for the enjoyment and well-being of its customer base. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP implemented a new protocol to scan numerous casinos in the province: We started with in-person ethnographic walkarounds at each […]
Delaware Lottery

Delaware Lottery

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP has increased its lottery footprint by beginning to work with Delaware Lottery. The Lottery offers a wide variety of Instant Games; it also operates Video Lottery games and Table Games at the three racetrack casinos: Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway & Casino. Additionally, Sports Lottery and KENO® is offered at […]
Jim Peterson at Gamesense Symposium

Research Strategy Group speaks at GameSense Symposium

Jim Peterson had the honour of being on a panel of gaming experts at the AGLC’s GameSense Symposium.  Jim was joined by leading responsible gambling leaders, Richard Taylor (MGM), Eric Baich (AGLC), and Mike Randall (Portfolio-Solutions) to discuss the topic: Social Responsibility is Good For Your Brand, Your Company and Your Customers. The panel was […]

Congratulations OLG!

For the second time since 2014, the OLG’s Responsible Gambling Program has been voted best in the world. The announcement was made at the recent World Lottery Summit (WLS) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In particular, the WLA recognized PlaySmart’s strategic approach to responsible gambling, its commitment to continuous improvement and its success in implementing category […]