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Developing a new credit card for small businesses

Challenge A Canadian financial services company was considering developing new credit card services for micro and small businesses. Most of the institution’s commercial business is focused on smaller companies (less than 99 employees). A significant opportunity was identified to deepen those relationships by offering a business credit card that better addressed both their retail and […]

Reframing retirement and rethinking client advisor relationship

For a leading Canadian insurance and investment institution, we explored the journey to retirement to rethink the client advisor relationship and to develop innovative digital products that really resonate. As part of this study, we: Leveraged applied ethnography and psychoanalytics to deeply understand what successful retirement ‘looks like’; Explored the creation of meaningful rituals in […]

What does it take for a small to mid-sized business to adopt a new banking app?

Challenge: Based on feedback in the app store and client support channels, a regional bank identified the need to improve the user experience of a new business banking app (web and mobile) under development. Primary questions were: Does the current solution address needs of small to mid-size businesses? Will the development plan address outstanding end-user […]
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Innovative input to develop new VISA credit card for travelers

A large financial service firm sought innovative input to development of a new Visa credit card designed to enhance traveler’s experience. In the crowded credit card field, modeling optimal benefits and fees of a new card are key. This research identified a niche that, even with high annual fees, provided important and desired perks for […]

A Cashless Online Banking World?

Research Strategy Group international recently used our prediction market platform to ask a sample of Americans some questions about banking and payments.  Probabilities for a number of outcomes were forecast. The resulting crowd predictions were closely aligned with other published research in the area. Results for three of the questions are discussed below. First of […]