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Post-legalization cannabis segmentation study

Challenge Cannabis was legalized in Canada in October of 2018. Control over the retail sale of cannabis is exercised through several provincial regulators. Each of these regulators has taken a different approach to controlling the distribution of cannabis, with levels of success varying significantly by region. The overall objectives of cannabis retailing in Canada are […]

Cannabis Marketing Summit 2019 in the CN Tower

Research Strategy Group was thrilled to participate in last Thursday’s Cannabis Marketing Summit 2019 at the Maple Leaf Cinema CN Tower.  The organizers put together a great event with a provocative and engaging slate of speakers and panel discussions.  As legal interpretations and supply/sales issues are worked through post 10/17, we can look forward to […]

U.S. Cannabis Update – Sweeping Changes and Positive Consumer Anticipation

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis consumption in Canada this past October, cannabis activity in the United States may be reaching a critical level of momentum. On Wednesday January 9th, bill H.R. 420 was filed in Congress by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR). If passed, the bill would have the effect of deleting cannabis from the […]