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A spirits distributor dips its toes into a new market

A Canadian alcohol manufacturing and distribution company set about to expand a lesser-known spirits brand in the market with established, prestigious brands. In particular, the brand team questioned the feasibility of going head-to-head with the leading brand in Canada. Through psychoanalytics and choice-based segmentation RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP revealed, playing up the brand’s heritage—not something the […]

A provincial jurisdiction gains a deeper understanding of customer experience

A government body who supervises gambling in a Canadian province wanted an understanding of the casino customer experience to best advise on future investments for the enjoyment and well-being of its customer base. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP implemented a new protocol to scan numerous casinos in the province: We started with in-person ethnographic walkarounds at each […]

A pharmaceutical company explores the patient journey while preparing to launch a new molecule

Exploring the patient journey: understanding interactions, attitudes, and perceptions help us identify key decision point, barrier, and actions A pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a new molecule into a well-established and crowded market. In preparation for launch, they needed to gain an understanding of the experiences of patients living with this condition including touch […]
Holstein cows in the pasture

A global food producer confronts sustainability

Our Client: A publicly traded global food producer has produced high quality protein food products for generations.  The company, a household brand name, was confronting a rapid change in consumer attitudes for the entire protein category. Business reality The company was always conscious of the environmental impacts from its operations and endeavoured to operate with […]
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A luxury goods company grapples with product adoption

Our Client: An international company that specializes in the manufacturing, design and sales of diamond bridal and fashion jewelry.  The company utilizes leading edge technology to create products for the savvy jewelry consumer.  The company is proficient in the production of Lab Grown Diamonds (LGD), and believes this product has significant growth potential. Lab Grown […]