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What women are looking for in cancer screening

Challenge: A life sciences company was commercializing a unique, less invasive test for the detection of cancer. Their aim was to understand perspectives of a cross section of Canadian women to gauge interest in and willingness to pay out of pocked for the test and to inform marketing and communication strategy for launch. Impact: RESEARCH […]

Understanding patient experience for successful launch of new curative therapy

Challenge: A global pharmaceutical company was launching a new curative therapy for a fatal disease. Their aim was to understand the patient experience to aid in developing a push pull strategy to motivate physicians to educate patients and be poised to prescribe out of the gate. Impact: RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP uncovered patient cultural codes and […]

Neurodivergent Condition: Transitioning from childhood to adulthood

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company wanted to understand what specifically influences pharmacotherapy decisions and pathways when transitioning patients with a neurodivergent diagnosis, from childhood to adulthood. Their aim was to understand disease management and lived experiences from individuals diagnosed with this specific neurodivergent diagnosis as children and their pain points specifically around their early adulthood transition […]

What does it take for a small to mid-sized business to adopt a new banking app?

Challenge: Based on feedback in the app store and client support channels, a regional bank identified the need to improve the user experience of a new business banking app (web and mobile) under development. Primary questions were: Does the current solution address needs of small to mid-size businesses? Will the development plan address outstanding end-user […]
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Navigating a path away from plastics dependence for a global CPG company

Challenge: The Canadian arm of a global CPG company was looking to navigate a path away from plastics dependence. From product line, to manufacturing investment, to communications, this organization wanted to rethink its core value proposition.   Impact: By connecting how consumers fundamentally think and reason about household products today to a ‘preferred future’ the […]
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Innovative input to develop new VISA credit card for travelers

A large financial service firm sought innovative input to development of a new Visa credit card designed to enhance traveler’s experience. In the crowded credit card field, modeling optimal benefits and fees of a new card are key. This research identified a niche that, even with high annual fees, provided important and desired perks for […]
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Consumer needs at the heart of strategy for ice cream portfolio

A major CPG company needed to align and differentiate their ice cream portfolio to better meet consumer needs and occasions within the category For the first time in their history the client was able to put consumer needs at the heart of their marketing strategy and build strategy plans to ensure that each brand could […]
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Restructuring and developing a longstanding loyalty program

A national lottery organization initiated work to understand how to restructure and develop a longstanding loyalty program. The objectives were to streamline the program offering, maximize members’ interest and usage, and attract new members. Members and non-members of the loyalty program exhibited very different behavior and an integral gaming segment analysis teased out the low […]
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Role of infant formula programs and brand influence

Our client wanted to examine the role of infant formula programs and brand influence. Our work with expectant and new Moms led to a better understanding of milestones and pain points in the health and wellness of their baby. Caring for infants is a highly personal learning journey – especially for first time Moms. Not […]
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A pharmaceutical company optimizes the digital continuing medical education experience for healthcare professionals

A client was looking to understand the touch points and pain points surrounding CMEs from a Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) perspective.  We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with HCPs to understand their experience engaging in continuing medical education (CME) and assessed for the pain points, unconscious needs, and cognitive biases embedded in their experience. By […]