cannabis versus the social fabric of Canada

We won’t be any happier.

Our recent study at research strategy group uncovered some fascinating insights on what people predict will happen to society upon the legalizing of cannabis.

And the insights seem to be, well, very Canadian.

Canadians seem to have overwhelmingly accepted the legalization of cannabis – predicting an 81% probability that it will be considered socially acceptable once legalized, and a 70% probability that the negative stigma around cannabis will decrease.

Yet this increased acceptability comes with some other social implications. Canadians predict it will have essentially no impact on worker productivity, and have little confidence that it will contribute to a happier society. What  people do believe will change:  the number of car accidents. Canadians predict there is a 73% chance the number of traffic accidents will increase once cannabis is legalized.

Overall, it seems our citizens are accepting of the legalization of cannabis, but with a watchful eye on some of the longer-term effects.

Going forward we will be posting new insights each week from Research Strategy Group markets on cannabis and other current issues from Canada, the US, and around the world.

Source: Research Strategy Group, Canadian Cannabis Study of English Canada, Toronto: April 13, 2018.