back to basics – power of a good old fashioned IHUT

There is no denying that the face of marketing research is evolving – new technology, mobilization of consumers, DIY platforms, virtual reality, and more.  We as researchers have to embrace these changes and find ways to leverage them within the business environments in which we operate.


However, there is still something to be said for a good old fashioned home-use test when trying to benchmark your products vs. competitive offerings and/or evaluate new items for launch.  Unless you operate in a business environment where test marketing products is easy, low risk, low investment – identifying if your product stacks up to expectations or vs. competitive offerings is critical to saving time and money.


For instance, in a recent multi-cell IHUT we gained invaluable learning for our client on:

  • the power of their brand’s equity – by testing both blind and branded – even more insightful than a brand tracker or A&U
  • that on a blind basis the client’s product performs at parity to private label despite tremendous advantages when branded – this reinforced the importance of differentiation and support of the brand’s equity
  • a new item under consideration clearly was of interest to consumers but the product tested had important deficiencies that needed to be addressed before launching and would need clear RTB communication when introduced


So while the industry is moving in new and different directions almost quicker than we can keep up, remembering that the fundamentals still provide valuable, actionable results that have real bottom line ROI implications can be invaluable.


How have you returned to the fundamentals of late?  Or, are you finding new and different are all that your colleagues are interested in?