ANOUSHKA GUPTA | vice president, culture + discovery

Anoushka is a trained ethnographer with global experience working with clients in India, South East Asia, Europe and North America. Her interdisciplinary educational background in Journalism, Cultural Anthropology (Film, Visual Art and Performance Studies) and an MBA (specializing in the Arts, Marketing & Sustainability) from the Schulich School of Business brings a composite view to marketing research and consumer insights.

Anoushka’s expertise lies in lending context and a socio-cultural view of the customer through an observational and cultural lens on consumer behaviour.

Her interest lies in designing innovative research techniques to explore the boundaries of ethnographic research through digital and mobile platforms. She has also led consumer documentaries and audio-video reporting initiatives to help tell consumer stories to clients in an engaging and compelling way.

Her niche subjects include cohort research (Millennials, Digital Natives) and categories such as sports, gaming and financial services.