Advertising Week in New York

This past week Jon Currie from our US office based in LA went to Advertising Week in New York City.

I had the pleasure of returning to the city of my birth, New York on assignment for Research Strategy Group. It’s always exciting to be back on the island where I drove a taxi to put myself through college.

But advertising week is something special. It is by its own definition: THE WORLD’S PREMIER GATHERING OF MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS LEADERS. It’s the convergence of brands, media, advertising, creativity, information and data. It’s the place where you go if you want to hear the CEO of Yahoo talk about her company, or hear Richard Branson tell you what is going on in his world or what Morgan Spurlock has up his sleeve. I go almost every year so I can learn what’s new and exciting in the research world and how it’s being applied to major brands and what innovations are on the horizon. Programmatic ad buying, big data, convergence, wearables, these are just a few of the topics that were examined every way by Sunday this past week and boy did I learn a lot.

In short it’s a way to short-circuit months and months of learning in a few days. And what I learned there I can adapt to my clients’ needs. If it worked for Pepsi Cola, BBDO, Pfizer or Ford it might just work for you.


Jon Currie, Head US Operations