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Focus on making a success of the day

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: highlights from Strategic Foresight webinar

In the first of our webinar series, Tyler Gilchrist breaks down Strategic Foresight and how to plan for resilience. Check out highlights in the video below. Up next: Applied Ethnography Questions? Please reach out to Tyler Gilchrist at   about our presenter TYLER GILCHRIST | vice president, design & foresight    
Our mission is life

A pharmaceutical company optimizes the digital continuing medical education experience for healthcare professionals

A client was looking to understand the touch points and pain points surrounding CMEs from a Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) perspective.  We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with HCPs to understand their experience engaging in continuing medical education (CME) and assessed for the pain points, unconscious needs, and cognitive biases embedded in their experience. By […]

A spirits distributor dips its toes into a new market

A Canadian alcohol manufacturing and distribution company set about to expand a lesser-known spirits brand in the market with established, prestigious brands. In particular, the brand team questioned the feasibility of going head-to-head with the leading brand in Canada. Through psychoanalytics and choice-based segmentation RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP revealed, playing up the brand’s heritage—not something the […]

A provincial jurisdiction gains a deeper understanding of customer experience

A government body who supervises gambling in a Canadian province wanted an understanding of the casino customer experience to best advise on future investments for the enjoyment and well-being of its customer base. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP implemented a new protocol to scan numerous casinos in the province: We started with in-person ethnographic walkarounds at each […]

A pharmaceutical company explores the patient journey while preparing to launch a new molecule

Exploring the patient journey: understanding interactions, attitudes, and perceptions help us identify key decision point, barrier, and actions A pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a new molecule into a well-established and crowded market. In preparation for launch, they needed to gain an understanding of the experiences of patients living with this condition including touch […]

The first three months…

It has been three months since Canadians were ordered to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also been three months since our newest team member, Stu Collins, joined us. He shares a few words about what its been like starting a new job on the first day of lockdown: I started […]


Last month, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP was delighted to present at MRIA’s inaugural webinar on “Best Practices in the Virtual Data Ecosystem: Ethnography to Focus Groups” – the first in a series on professional development in the market research industry. Anouska Gupta and Vanessa Campbell took an audience of over 100 attendees through applications and use […]

The Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative supports Canada’s women-owned, women-led businesses. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP Inc., working in conjunction with Scotiabank, conducted a survey of 1,000 small to medium-sized businesses or enterprises from across Canada, the analysis of which helped inform this report. This unique study advances new insights about gender differences in finance knowledge and confidence. We […]