Archive of month: January 2019

Why Small Tweaks Don’t Always Equal Big Changes: A Tale of Two Selves

Over the past decade or so, applying insights from behavioural science has helped us achieve remarkable things. It has helped US citizens save billions of dollars in retirement funds, increased organ donation rates and has even increased apple consumption among children! Some of these real-world applications are so impressive that they make behavioural science sounds […]

Cannabis Marketing Summit 2019 in the CN Tower

Research Strategy Group was thrilled to participate in last Thursday’s Cannabis Marketing Summit 2019 at the Maple Leaf Cinema CN Tower.  The organizers put together a great event with a provocative and engaging slate of speakers and panel discussions.  As legal interpretations and supply/sales issues are worked through post 10/17, we can look forward to […]

U.S. Cannabis Update – Sweeping Changes and Positive Consumer Anticipation

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis consumption in Canada this past October, cannabis activity in the United States may be reaching a critical level of momentum. On Wednesday January 9th, bill H.R. 420 was filed in Congress by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR). If passed, the bill would have the effect of deleting cannabis from the […]

Culture Camp for Research Strategy Group!

Members of our team had a great time attending Grant McCracken’s Culture Camp workshop last week. Dr. McCracken is a renowned Canadian anthropologist, a widely published author, and is currently affiliated with the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard. Increasingly, our clients are looking for more powerful strategic insights to drive their businesses […]

The Dynamic Pet Care Market

Research Strategy Group is a market leader in Crowd Intelligence research. We regularly poll Canadians and Americans about a range of issues and trends across numerous subject areas. Recently we asked Canadians some questions about trends in the Pet Care market, related to pet insurance and pet wearables.   Pet Insurance The penetration of pet […]