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we are hiring! Research Strategy Group is looking for an associate vice president – qualitative specialist to join our growing and innovative team!

Research Strategy Group continues to break from tradition, developing new and sophisticated research approaches. We are looking for a senior, seasoned qualitative specialist with a comprehensive qualitative skill set and entrepreneurial spirit – someone who shares our team’s excitement for uncovering the consumer psyche and predicting behaviour. If you have innovative ideas and techniques, so […]

stakeholder consultation can improve the outcome of your segmentation

A successful segmentation study is a true process of collaboration between a client and their research consultant. In a past blog post (secrets to a successful segmentation,, we discussed the need to engage in a stakeholder consultative phase. These are essential to launching a successful segmentation within your organization. This enables those who are conducting the […]
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when normative isn’t normal

One of the most common questions asked of market research is “how do my results compare to others?”  In-survey benchmarking and normative data held by research suppliers are the most common ways to answer the question about your results relative to others. In this article we want to highlight some of the challenges that we […]