Archive of month: March 2017

aspirational brand attraction looks like this

One of the more common ways we can misidentify a brand’s potential market share is to overestimate how many non-customers are actual prospects.  In many categories, aspirational attraction or desire is a real issue as people report wanting to or being willing to purchase a brand. We recently worked in a retailer category using the […]

mobile research and how short attention span affects survey length

Thanks to smartphones, many people now have seemingly shorter attention spans than ever… which means that questionnaires need to be designed to keep respondents engaged and interested throughout a survey. Digital marketers target those ‘micro-moments’ of when consumers pull out their smartphones to swipe and scroll, whether it is when waiting in line for a […]

SARAH PARNES | senior vice president, healthcare

Sarah is a qualitative and quantitative research specialist with over 20 years of market research experience in Canada and the US.  Her primary focus is healthcare, having worked extensively in the areas of mental health, oncology, neurology, women’s health, gastroenterology, rare & orphan diseases, and CNS disease. Sarah is an innovative and strategic thinker who […]

secrets to a successful segmentation

“We need to update our segmentation” is often both one of the most exciting and painful phrases that a client-side researcher can hear. A good segmentation should be followed by a strong period of growth for your organization – why else identify and prioritize target segments if you aren’t going to build products and services […]

trust and empathy form the foundation of good qualitative

Qualitative research is such an important way to engage consumers.  Warnings of its death are certainly premature, and I suspect that much of this has to do with our desires for the latest shiny object.  Those with a preference for quantitative methods sometimes wonder how talking to a few dozen people can really mean anything […]