Archive of month: February 2017

Edison light bulbs hanging from ceiling

the power of prediction markets in concept testing

Everything is changing. Literally everything- and fast. New phones, apps, refrigerators, items you would never expect could innovate are doing so and it’s amazing to witness. The same is true of market research. We got tired of concept tests that frequently did not discriminate- that is until we discovered prediction markets. Research Strategy Group is […]

moderating patient research with empathy

I have spent decades conducting qualitative research on behalf of pharmaceutical / healthcare clients, much of it with patients. It is tremendously gratifying on both a personal and a professional level. And sometimes it’s heartbreaking. Qualitative research allows us to connect with respondents, to develop a relationship during the time we spend together – whether […]

in defense of focus groups

Focus groups get a lot of flak. They are sometimes accused of failing as a research methodology for many reasons – being held in an unnatural setting, encouraging groupthink, and glossing over the complexities of human behavior and thought processes.   No research methodology is without flaws but these are the top 5 reasons why […]

introducing our VR studio – deeper insights through VR

We are excited to have integrated a room scale VR studio into our offices, and of course into our research approaches.  With the help of our talented 360 photographers and 3D content developers, we are immersing research respondents into alternate worlds, to get new, richer kinds of consumer insights.  If you’d like to understand how […]