Archive of month: May 2014

so you want to be a market researcher?

A few months ago, our very own Jim Peterson took the stage and presented an informative and compelling “talk” about getting into marketing research at Humber College. Jim wanted to help students understand the rapid changes that the industry is undergoing and what students can do to prepare themselves. So what can students do to […]

are you second screening yet?

What does that mean and how real is it? What does it mean for you and your business and why should you care about second screening? Unless you’ve been living on a moon of Jupiter, you probably have heard the news: things are changing in our world of marketing, advertising and media and they’re changing […]

where is Canada falling short on tourism?

Something funny happened today at rsg. We were examining the results of the newest Global Tourism Monitor report, the largest assessment of tourist experiences ever conducted and comprising more than 23,000 interviews across 26 different countries, when news of a similar report ranking the world’s most attractive cities broke. Eager to see how Toronto is […]