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how to reveal consumer behavioural truths with Psychoanalytics

Reaching and understanding your consumer is not an easy task. There are many methodologies that attempt to answer the question, “how can we get consumers to [INSERT OBJECTIVE]?” In order to answer that, we need to understand the truths about how the consumer processes and sees the world. At Research Strategy Group we like to […]

taking market research in a new direction and being ahead of the wave

The market research industry is changing rapidly due to advances in technology.  And there is no shortage of prognosticators who offer up their opinions on where the industry is headed. As a small company, we have to pick our spots, not based on where the pundits say the industry is headed, but on where we […]

Research Strategy Group is presenting Psychoanalytics at the 2014 QRD Annual Conference

Research Strategy Group is excited to announce that our in-house psychoanalytics specialist, Thelma Beam,  and fellow Humanist, Deborah Adie Boyd, will be making a presentation on psychoanalytics at this years’ QRD Annual Conference. The theme of this years’ conference is centred on Creating Connections – adding value to research by connecting traditional qualitative methods with […]